Vado e Vengo

Vado e Vengo (2020) is a film directed by Fabrizio Nardocci based on a subject by Maurizio Ponzi. Set in Rome, Italy, it tells the story of Mario, a 21-year-old boy in search of his father and his roots. The meeting with the usurer uncle and with a young and beautiful businesswoman, victim of the cynical uncle, will lead him to choose the path to follow in a continuous coming and going from one place to another and from one feeling and another. Marco Lo Russo has composed the soundtrack, produced by Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS – Rouge Sound Production

Marco Valerio Montesano,
Antonello Fassari,
Anna Ferruzzo,
Alice Ferri,
Massimigliano Pazzaglia
Sara Ricci

Directed: Fabrizio Nardocci
Genre: Drama
Script: Maurizio Ponzi e Fabrizio Nardocci
Music: Marco Lo Russo produced Marco Lo Russo Music Center
Sound: Stefano Savino and Andrea Guzzo
Costumes: Stefano Cioncolini
Scenography: Alexandra Busiri Vici
Casting: Pino Pellegrino
Manager: Alessandro Nardocci
Production: Damiano Andriano for Dalex film in collaboration whit RAI Cinema, Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali and Lazio Region.

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