Violin Bow

The bow technique, for those who do not play instruments of this type, is not easy to understand and above all even more complex to indicate on the music staves. For this reason, for those who want to use in the composition, in the orchestration or arrangement, the strings sounds, will find indications in this work, in Italian, the main violin bow technique bows with the music notation and audio examples by the Guido Felizzi.

Download the free PDF Sui colpi d’arco del violino di Marco Lo Russo in Italian here or on academia.edu

The strings can also be played with different pizzicato techniques but which are not the subject of this discussion. Excellent it is the book in english Samuel Adler, The study of orchestration published by Norton & Company.

Marco Lo Russo with Guido Felizzi have performed in several concerts with the Ichnos musical project of which they have also created discography works.

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