Viva l’Italia

Viva l’Italy, tale of a nation that is 150 years old

Theatrical project by Marco Grossi and dedicated to National Unity. A tale of a 150 year old nation, who sees Marco Grossi as a reciting voice and Marco Lo Russo on the accordion.

Viva l’Italy! is the narrative, unofficial and fragmentary, of our nation and of some men who have lived it contributing in varying degrees to defining the identity. Through newspaper articles, speeches, songs, literary fragments, poems, letters, pictures, movie sequences, hymns, and music tracks, we make up the unprecedented compendium of 150 year collective event, all of which are heirs, witnesses and protagonists and that gives us opportunity, to wish a happy birthday to our Fatherland Italy. Marco Grossi read texts by: De Amicis, Tomasi of Lampedusa, Flaiano, Longanesi and La Capria, selected for the show with musical support by Marco Lo Russo to the accordion that arranged songs and composed original music.
Directed by Marco Grossi
Music by Marco Lo Russo
Cast: Marco Grossi and Marco Lo Russo

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