Quarantine and music days

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PRESS RELEASE. Our thoughts turn to the numerous victims that the coronavirus has caused and to the comfort of those who could not even give their loved ones the last goodbye. All this will change us and in some ways has already changed us, perhaps we will be able to give greater importance to human relationships and who knows, maybe even to have greater respectfor nature. However it is, it is now clear that in the world we are guests and not masters. Messages of solidarity and comfort come from every continent, there is no country that has not been affected by the pandemic. However, little is said about the difficulties that the art, music and live entertainment sector is experiencing which, being an aggregating activity, will be the last to start again, with easily imaginable consequences.

Many artists have organized themselves on the web, also our president, Marco Lo Russo, has joined some initiatives, though he often preferred silence over media overexposure, above all out of respect for the victims and their families. Those who make art feed themselves and manage to perceive the moods of others and struggle to perform, even virtually, in the face of so much pain.

Marco Lo Russo wish make available the free listening of over one hundred songs of his musical production on his soundcloud channel, and in particular for the childrens, 11 chapters that compose the musical tale in italian “Fata Concettahttps://soundcloud.com/marco-lo-russo/sets/fata-concetta-fiaba-musicale

The French writer André Gide said that art is always the result of a constraint. A kite is held by his rope. In this regard, research, composition and music production mean that an artist naturally spends a lot of time at home (the constraint), but in this period in which you cannot perform concerts and share with a live audience, it is impossible see the kite flying . The days are marked by readings, compositions, arrangements, the creation of new projects, online lessons for students of the Domenico Cimarosa Conservatory of Avellino, where Maestro Marco Lo Russo is a teacher in Orchestration and Jazz arrangement, and his accordion. Marco Lo Russo is also working on the soundtrack of two film productions, one of which is international.

Although these days there have been some very important personal anniversaries and my birthday, I am happy to have spent them at home, if this will help save even a human life. Nothing is impossible and all this could also be the opportunity to leave a better world for our posterity. Marco Lo Russo.

The label Rouge Sound Production, directed by Marco Lo Russo, has recently released the single La Dolce Vita, for solo accordion, in homage to the centenary of the birth of the Italian director Federico Fellini which is available online on Spotify  Apple Music  Google Play   Amazon







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