10 May 2019
Life Factory Magazine

Life Factory Magazine May 2019 – Marco Lo Russo

[…] internationally renowned artist who has made the accordion the undisputed protagonist of his musical art, redirecting it from the vision of a popular instrument of the collective imagination in a modern musical instrument. Composer, arranger, producer, musicologist, conservatory professor, he founded and directs the label Rouge Sound Production, expressing himself in a crossover mixing world music, jazz, classical and electronic music. […] He lives between Latina, Italy and the rest of the (more…)

23 Mar 2019

InBlu Radio March 2019 – New music for accordion

In the interview carried out on Radio InBlue, conducted by Paolo Prato, Marco Lo Russo talks about his training, his collaborations and his various artistic projects, presenting excerpts from his recent music production starting from an exciting revisitation of the famous Caruso by Lucio Dalla, offering a version of the famous standard song Autumn Leaves. Listen the interview in Italian on InBblue Radio! (more…)

11 Mar 2019
Suonare news Marzo 2019 Marco Lo Russo

Suonare News March 2019 – Accordionist? Just Musician

This music instrument is the particular way in which I express myself, explains the composer and concert artist Marco Lo Russo. The Made in Italy project to talk about Italianity through contemporary artistic languages, from Cuba to Korea.
Among his recent music productions there is also a Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis. From the Music Magazine Suonare News March 2019 (more…)

12 Feb 2019

Civita InBlu Radio Feb 2019 – Marco Lo Russo at Maratea Award

[…] Marco Lo Russo […] ready for a new performance, this time at the Maratea Award […] considered Ambassador of Italian Music with his musical project Made in Italy […] (more…)

31 Dec 2018
Lazio TV Monitor

LazioTV Monitor Dec 2018 – Interview and live

Marco Lo Russo, just coming back from international success in Korea with the Made in Italy project, has been special guest, on 27 December 2018, live of the television program Monitor su Lazio TV conducted by Egidio Fia(more…)

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