Recital in solo accordion

The recitals in accordion solo by Marco Lo Russo offer a linguistic path through those types of composition that arise, as its primary purpose, the reworking of musical language: the object in question is not research into the new (experiments on language), but, due to the continuous dosage and permutation of styles and forms, the operation on the language, then the Linguistic Variations(Roberto Di Cecco).

A musical journey that goes from the classical repertoire transcribed to Tango, from original compositions with jazz, ethnic and Mediterranean’s sound in a very personal and innovative style that includes the use of electronics. Entire repertoire contains a matrix of world music that is at the base of the performance for solo accordion enriched and revised by the humus of sound, archaic and hyper modern that Marco Lo Russo, not only accordionist, inevitably leads itself, and that distinguishes performer and composer who excelled in the international arena.



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