Rouge Sound Production Label & recording studio

Music is good and can do good! Support you too charity projects

Marco Lo Russo ph by Mimmo PaparoRouge Sound Production, label and recording studio is the artistic laboratoryRouge Sound Production directed by Marco Lo Russo, for this aka Rouge, to go naturally, from music research and experimentation to sound design and pratic musical production. Continuous research on sound, in collaboration with professional sound engineers and leading companies in the production of musical instruments and audio technologies, enables Rouge Sound Production to produce diverse music productions with their own refined originality, aligned with the needs of the music market international. La Rouge Sound Production has produced and collaborated to produced several discography work and numerous musical productions: he has collaborated with various music productions for the Sanremo Festival and has produced songs classified finalist at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 like the EP 7 Days. Some music productions 

With the collaboration also of other artists, the Rouge Sound Production is a true music creative technology lab where are performed and performed various types of music production: discography, soundtracks and sound design for Cinema, TV and Theater. The collaboration with Dj’s, musicians, singers and other international artists (Europe, USA and Latin America) enables Rouge Sound Production to create and produce musical productions of different music genres in acoustic and electronic.

Rouge Sound Production realizes:

  • Musical productions (pop, jazz, world music and EDM)
  • Soundtracks for Cinema, TV and Theater
  • Sound Design for fashion shows, documentaries, shows and art exhibitions
  • Audio books
  • Jingle for Radio and TV





Music is good and can do good! Support you too charity projects

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