Soundtracks for Universal Music

Marco Lo Russo ph by Mimmo Paparo

Recordings sessions Rouge Sound Production for Universal Music for the next musical production in compilation CD dedicated to the soundtracks titled Cinema Accordion which will be released in the fall. Among the songs for solo accordion, interpreted by Marco Lo Russo and other artists, which will be published in the musical compilation, also the soundtrack of the film Amelié by Yann Tiersen and more! Clik here for more info about Marco Lo Russo Music!

Soon more details on the date of release.

Already on July 7th 2018 a double CD was released, again for Universal Music, containing compositions by Marco Lo Russo dedicated to the contemporary re-interpretation of Tango in the compilation El Tango Emocion 2.

Among the various concert proposals, Marco Lo Russo, also offers a real concert dedicated to the soundtracks who titled Cinematic. The CD Cinematic Piano Accordion is also the CD winner of the prestigious Orpheus Award 2016.

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