Success for Modern Accordion Video Contest now Made in Italy

Marco Grossi and Marco Lo Russo at Fondi Film Festival ph. by Enrico Duratorre

Success for Modern Accordion Video Contest, now space to concept Made in Italy
The summer “live” continues and he presents new projects for abroad
The commitment of Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge for this queue of summer continues. After the Baltic Tour 2.0 (Lithuania and Poland), the stop of the annual music festival of Grumes in Trentino in which he was the guest of honor and after the return by the magical city of Krakow, the accordionist and composer is already ready for two upcoming events.

This evening at the Sala Carlo Lizzani Palace Former Convent of San Domenico in Fondi (Latina), included in the program of the prestigious FONDI FILM FESTIVAL 2015, it was held the awards ceremony of the International Modern Accordion Video Contest. The competition is managed by Marco Lo Russo Music Center with the Association Giuseppe De Santis, curator FONDI FILM FESTIVAL, and Flipper Music.
In the international contest the video makers are committed to transform the music of the album “Modern Accordion” in images choosing one of the seventeen tracks in which the young and eclectic artist blends music genres different from each others: world music, chill out, ethno jazz, tango until EDM. For many a challenge unthinkable but for Marco Lo Russo to be real. The accordion in his hands is renewed becoming an instrument able to read and express the contemporary present. The selected videos have been screened this evening after an unforgettable performance of Master Lo Russo’s art; the videos were chosen worldwide.
Among the videos arrived for the Contest the Jury, also composed by the directors Ruggero Gabbai and Emanuele Giliberti, selected 4 finalist:

Sunset Dream by Benny Hennebel – BELGIUM

Taksim Accordion by Karin Krah – NETHERLANDS

Feelings by Maddalena Serra – PORTUGAL

Passion and Faith by Fabrizio Calamia – ITALY

The playlist of the selected videos is on YouTube Marco Lo Russo’s at:

The winning video of the International Modern Accordion Video Contest is Passion and Faith di Fabrizio Calamia – Trapani (ITALIA) and  Special mention to Taksim Accordion di Karin Krah – NETHERLANDS.
On September 28, at 21:00 but this time in the charming Sermoneta (in Latina province), homeland of the accordionist and composer, in the alternative space of San Michele’s Secular Fair there will be the official presentation of the new live project of Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge, MADE IN ITALY. The concept Made in Italy wants to tell, in concert halls and unusual places, italian music in all its aspects: from singer-songwriters to classical music to the soundtracks, from North to South.
The songs -reviewed, transcribed and processed for accordion and vocals by Master Lo Russo- are accompanied by a female voice that communicates with the Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge’s accordion solo that has kidnapped the international scenario of highly prestigious public and experts such as Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Pupi Avati, Giorgio Albertazzi, Piera Degli Esposti and many others due to its innovative and contemporary approach so as to leave enchanted even the viewer most skeptical.

To information and interview: staff@marcolorusso.com – mob. +39.340.94.04.250


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