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Suonare news Marzo 2019 Marco Lo Russo

This music instrument is the particular way in which I express myself, explains the composer and concert artist Marco Lo Russo. The Made in Italy project to talk about Italianity through contemporary artistic languages, from Cuba to Korea.
Among his recent music productions there is also a Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis. From the Music Magazine Suonare News March 2019

We meet Marco Lo Russo, 41 years old from the province of Latina, Italy, accordionist, composer, arranger, producer, musicologist and founder of Rouge Sound Production. World Music, Jazz and electronic music are the elements that characterize its artistic profile. In addition to being a teacher of Jazz Orchestration and Concertation at the Conservatory “D. Cimarosa” in Avellino, Italy, Marco Lo Russo is an internationally renowned musician who boasts collaborations with the likes of Leo Brouwer and Nicola Piovani.

How did you meet the accordion? A beautiful adventure, born by chance, because my maternal grandmother liked it. The accordion is my particularity, but I never thought of being an accordionist, I am simply a lover of the music.

What do you think about the diffusion of the accordion in the concert seasons? Although more and more accordion concerts are scheduled, it is still not usual practice to read the accordion concert on concert seasons program. If we give more value to music contents and culture, and not just the specific music instrument, the spaces for the accordion would certainly become greater in the concert seasons.

How is your Made in Italy project born? During my first concerts tour in Canada in 1995, while I was playing my compositions and Italian pieces revisited in acoustic accordion, I immediately noticed the favorable opinion of the audience and I had the inspiration to create a project that could speak of Italianity through contemporary music with beneficial purposes. Thus was born the project Made in Italy concert, which I presented in Cuba few years later. A project that took me around the world, recently also in Korea, where I will return in the fall.

Among his recent productions, the Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis, the soundtrack for the film Being Missoni and there is also the reinterpretation of the song Caruso by Lucio Dalla. The single, presented last year during a tour in Mexico, is the soundtrack of the Made in Italy project. The published piece is available in three versions: instrumental, sung in Italian and Spanish, with the accordion like leading music instrument.

PDF: Suonare News Marzo 2019 Marco Lo Russo Rouge by Paolo Picchio

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