colonne sonore

07 Oct 2020


Intense period of musical productions for the Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association. Two soundtracks are being worked on in the Rouge Sound Production studio. An Italian film production for RAI, Vado e Vengo, and a film, La Machetera, inspired by the 1975 law on women’s emancipation and against violence against women, based on the story of the (more…)

07 Sep 2020

Summer Concerts

The Covid emergency canceled the many foreign artistic commitments by Marco Lo Russo, but did not prevent him from witnessing the strength of Italian musical art. Two events that this summer saw him as protagonist: on 2 August in San Pietro della Ienca, L’Aquila in a concert dedicated to St. John Paul II, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth and on 22 August in Fiuggi, Frosinone at closing of summer events. (more…)

01 Oct 2019
Lazio TV Monitor

LazioTV sept 2019 – Success for the Korea tour

An extraordinary success in Korea for Marco Lo Russo […] a very successful tour […] Marco Lo Russo for the occasion he arranged, for accordion and string orchestra, some of his successes, famous soundtracks and classical music, to perform with the young Seoul Viola Ensemble string orchestra […] (more…)

18 Sep 2019
Made in Lazio Priverno

Made in Lazio and Tourism Expo 2020

On Sunday 15 September, was presented the project Made in Lazio Priverno by Marco Lo Russo, on an intense and significant day in the auditorium of the former infirmary in the village of Fossanova in Priverno. In addition to the projection of the three music videos, flavors and knowledge, art, history, culture and events and traditions, the evening ended with an performance for accordion and electronic by Marco Lo Russo. (more…)

13 Jul 2019
Made in Lazio

Historical Palio Made in Lazio

While Marco Lo Russo works on arrangements for Made in Italy concerts in Seoul, the video footage continues for Made in Lazio Priverno project, by Marco Lo Russo Music Center association with original soundtracks from the discography 


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