23 Apr 2020
Marco Lo Russo e Silvia Vecchi anniversario nozze

Annuario Cinema Italiano Apr 2020 – Happy Birthday in quarantine

[…] countdown: April 27 will be the birthday by Marco Lo Russo […] and also the first wedding anniversary with the journalist Silvia Vecchi […] in these quarantine days […] the days are […] marked by (more…)

14 Mar 2020
Marco Lo Russo

Free music

We have included on official soundcloud by Marco Lo Russo some audio tracks that can be listened to for free. Everything will be OK. Musical hugs with 100 songs! (more…)

31 Aug 2018
Latina editoriale oggi

Latina Oggi Aug 2018 – Maestro Lo Russo on Raiuno

Saturday, September 1st 2018, special guest of the TV program A Sua Immagine. […] Maestro Marco Lo Russo who, in addition to being interviewed, will perform an unpublished instrumental version, for solo accordion, of the Ave Maria he composed and dedicated to Pope Francis […] among the italian musicians more representative of the new generation, the Maestro Lo Russo is an extraordinary performer, accordionist, composer, arranger […] professor in Conservatory of Music.

27 Aug 2018
Italia Living Marco Lo Russo Italian Luxury

Italia Living Aug 2018 – Celebrity Spotlight: Marco Lo Russo

Celebrity Spotlight: International Concert artist, Marco Lo Russo […] is considered among the most representative musicians of the Italian contemporary music scene […] Known for his unique artistic sensibility, creativity and talents […] he has captured the international arena with his innovative approach and artistic expression to music […] Marco is internationally regarded as one of the leading contemporary Italian musicians  […] (more…)

11 Jan 2018
Los Fridos Marco Lo Russo Made In italy

Made in Italy tour concerts charity fundraising Mexico

Made in Italy concert by Marco Lo Russo is also a project of charity fundraising for Mexico and other countries supported by the Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association.  During the Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018 we visited and supported the Los Fridos cultural center that offers children and young people, living in situations of hardship, education and a place to play and learn. (more…)

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