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11 Dec 2020

We are music!

PRESS RELEASE. It is a difficult time for the world of art. In the collective imagination, being an artist means doing a second job, but we don’t do the artists, we are artists. (more…)

07 Oct 2020

Interview on Media Hotel Radio

Interview with Marco Lo Russo, conducted by Silvia Elisabetta Cangelosi, Wednesday 7 October 12.0016.0019.0023.00 and in rerun on Saturday 10 October and Sunday 11 October in the hospitality music broadcast by Media Hotel Radio (more…)

11 Sep 2020
Lazio TV Monitor

LazioTV August 2020 – Success for the Marco Lo Russo concert

Marco Lo Russo […] accordionist, composer and performer of marked exuberance filled the scene of Piazza Trento e Trieste in Fiuggi, Italy […] the large audience […] appreciated Lo Russo’s compositions and stories [ …] a real success

07 Sep 2020

Summer Concerts

The Covid emergency canceled the many foreign artistic commitments by Marco Lo Russo, but did not prevent him from witnessing the strength of Italian musical art. Two events that this summer saw him as protagonist: on 2 August in San Pietro della Ienca, L’Aquila in a concert dedicated to St. John Paul II, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth and on 22 August in Fiuggi, Frosinone at closing of summer events. (more…)

06 Jul 2020
Ennio Morricone Marco Lo Russo

RIP Maestro Morricone

It was 2005 and as a young musician, composition student and accordionist, when I released one of my first record works, I thought I’d send a copy to Maestro Ennio Morricone. At that time, on tour with Maestro Nicola Piovani, while I was in Catania in Sicily, one morning while I was going to study in the theater, I received a phone call: Hello, I am Ennio Morricone! (more…)

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