15 Feb 2016

Ricettario Tipico Feb 2016 – Made in Italy Ingredients of Success

[…] Sometimes the life makes you meet extraordinary people. […] Marco is a deep character, humble, able to listen to the next, showing a steady and marked sensitivity to the world around him. […] His songs, release sounds and colors that know how to “get” to the listener. His music is able to kidnap, to become intoxicated and amaze; […] Sound technique, theory, rhythm, ear, interpretive skills, character, color and, above all, research of sounds sometimes ethereal, sometimes insightful, warm and deep. (more…)

22 Jan 2016
il caffe TV Latina settimanale

Il caffè Jan 2016 – traveling to represent the Made in Italy

The Accordionist Marco Lo Russo it is ready for a 2016 of concerts around the world […] him it is increasingly projected abroad with his music […] cultures who wish to savor the Made in Italy […] Marco Lo Russo from Sermoneta, in the province of Latina, approaches when  it was young at the study of the music […] today a teacher, composer, musician, producer, artist and  (more…)

20 Oct 2014

Italian Language Week, La Havana, Cuba

Marco Lo Russo again to Cuba for a series of concerts during the week of Italian language organized by the Italian Embassy in Havana, Cuba

photo by Mimmo Paparo

28 Feb 2011
Marco Lo Russo in Mediterranean Accordion Future Tango

Mediterranean Accordion Future Tango in province of Latina

In collaboration with the Provincial Authority of Latina, Italy and the Local Education Authority of the city of Latina, the Cultural Association Music Marco Lo Russo Music Center has organized and promoted the art project of teaching music and dance Mediterranean Accordion Future Tango for the Province of Latina with special attention to students of schools. (more…)

15 Dec 2008
Just-Magazine Dicembre

Just Magazine Dec 2008 – Exceptional excellence

Marco Lo Russo: exceptional excellence.

Suit, sneakers and humility. This is how Maestro Marco Lo Russo welcomes us in the studio where the “sweaty papers” (hard worked papers) seem to lead the way. A room […] lived, perhaps to witness the hours devoted to his passion: music […]

PDF Just Magazine December 2008 Marco Lo Russo

JUST MAGAZINE, Stefania Saralli, December 2008


Just Dicembre 2008 Marco Lo Russo Eccelenza d'eccezione

Just Dicembre 2008 Marco Lo Russo Eccelenza d’eccezione

Just Dicembre 2008 Marco Lo Russo Eccelenza d'eccezione

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