08 Dec 2016
buongiorno Latina

Buongiorno Latina Dec 2016 – Interview at Marco Lo Russo

[…] polyhedron musician […] accordionist, composer, arranger, producer (with his record label and recording studio Rouge Sound Production), musician, orchestra conductor and conservatory professor, estimated not only in Italy but in different parts of the world and is considered […] among the most representative artists of contemporary Italian music culture. (more…)

28 May 2016
Marco Lo Russo by Marcin Brzózka

Open interview: Loft Stoa, Latina, Italy for “Il Salotto delle streghe”

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge will be a guest at talk show Il Salotto delle Streghe between art histories and life stories, by the italian journalist Elisa Saltarelli for an interview and conversation on the topic The communicative power of art.

Loft Stoa’, Latina, Italy Saturday, May 28 6:00 pm – FREE ENTRY

public lounge which involved:
Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge (my music, my life)
Bruno Creo (the museum reality from Littoria to Latina)
Emanuel Acciarito (the architecture that looks to the future)
and with the participation of the poet Daniel Pignataro.

The interview will be filmed for a television special.

Here some televisite interviews held by Marco Lo Russo on national and international television media.

Il salotto delle streghe

Il salotto delle streghe

23 Dec 2015
Marco Lo Russo ph by Juozas Sirusas

Concert live interview on Radio Immagine, Latina, Italy

After the recent international events Marco Lo Russo will honor his province of birth, Latina, with a concert live interview on Radio Immagine

Renata Guerrini will moderate the actions of the provincial press to be present during the interview concert.

Listen in streaming!

13 Dec 2015
Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Loggia dei Mercanti, Sermoneta, Italy

For the Christmas holiday Marco Lo Russo give to his countrymen of Sermoneta an exhibition with Christmas songs revisited and original compositions through tango and improvised music.

ph by Emanuele Mozzetti

06 Mar 2015

RAI Italia, Community from studio 1, Rome, Italy

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge guest in the program Rai Italy in World Vision on RAI Community with  Alessio Aversa and dedicated to all Italians abroad (RAI WORLD).

The broadcast will vary depending on the time zones:

Rai Italia 1 (Americhe)



Rai Italia 2 (Australia – Asia)


SYDNEY 5.45 pm

Rai Italia 3 (Africa)


More info click here!

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RAI ITALIA Community

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