Modern accordion

21 Jun 2015
Rifugio Potzmauer Marco Lo Russo

Guest at the great party of music, Vicobarone di Ziano piancentino, Piacenza, Italy

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge with many other musicians for the second edition of the great music festival organized in the park of Antica Trattoria del Tempio.

festa della musica

21 Jun 2015

International video contest Modern Accordion, FONDIFilmFESTIVAL

Modern Accordion International Video Contest

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Makes your video!

The Cultural Music Association Marco Lo Russo Music Center in Sermoneta (Latina), Italy in collaboration with the Association Giuseppe De Santis in Fondi (Latina), Italy and Flipper Music Srl Music Publishing organize the International Video Contest MODERN ACCORDION. (more…)

08 Feb 2015

La notizia h24 Feb 2015 – Theater in Rome Modern Accordion

[…] Modern Accordion, or words and music with accordion and dancers, by and with Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge […] . Marco Lo Russo has been described by critics as an artist who represents the guidelines of the more advanced and updated musical culture of our time. (more…)

18 Jan 2015
Marco Lo Russo ph Enrico Duratorre

Modern Accordion or the new harmony’s chords

Marco Lo Russo [..] gave the audience at Teatro di Documenti in Rome [..] the true essence of his art: the reconciliation of humanity and civilization. [..] A mission that is fulfilled [..] thanks to the work performed on the musical language. [..] (more…)

12 Jan 2015
Marco Lo Russo Modern Accordion

Teatro di Documenti, Rome, Italy

Marco Lo Russo in Modern Accordion 

Directed: Marzia G. Lea Pacella

Choreography: Francesco Milana

Dancers: Manuela Costantini, Marcello Letizia and Valerio Polverari

Music: Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge and AA. VV.

Organization by Ostinate e Contrarie

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A picturesque setting of the Theatre of Documents, complete synthesis of the idea of theater Damiano Damiani, brilliant designer, costume designer, architect, but also a director. A bright space, a labyrinth of rooms, stairs, mirrors, a theater-temple that breaks down that barrier actor-spectator. A special space chosen for Marco Lo Russo, artist representative from the guidelines more advanced and updated musical culture of our time. Accordionist, composer, arranger, musicologist, producer, conductor, and teacher at the conservatory Italian is at the center of the show Modern Accordion exploding in colors, sounds, bodies in a story that explores the human emotions. According to the theories on the use of the color of Kandinsky every nuance has an inner sound, a property. The gradations are possible theoretically infinite, as well as the nuances of the human soul, and gradually tell the life and passions.

The bodies of the dancers, led by choreographer Francesco Millana, interpret with soft, incisive and evocative gestures, part of a ritual, a story of cultural transmission. A fusion of languages, in which light, electromagnetic wave that interferes with matter, becomes “actor” important to the story impacting bodies with details, drawings, empty and full, which is enriched with new suggestions. The task of directing, Marzia G. Pacella Lea, is the coordination of these energies, these artistic elements.

Photo by Marcin Brzózka



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