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31 May 2019

Radio Civita InBlu interview

Marco Lo Russo interview on air at Radio Civita InBlu microphones live on Friday 31 May at 8.30pm. We will talk about the Made in Italy project and Made in Lazio Priverno. Furthermore will be broadcast some recent musical productions released by Rouge Sound Production. Click here to listen on live stream (more…)

15 Jan 2019

Caruso new version Made in Italy project

PRESS RELEASE. The Rouge Sound Production, label directed by Marco Lo Russo, after the music production Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis and the realization of soundtracks for TV, Fiction and Cinema, including for Being Missoni, the film broadcast on Sky Arte on the famous house of Italian fashion, he release a new music production: the electroacoustic revisitation of the song Caruso by Lucio Dalla. (more…)

10 Aug 2018
Marco Lo Russo tramonto

Revisitation Caruso by Lucio Dalla

Made in Italy concert show is a musical project that Marco Lo Russo Rouge presented in world premiere in Cuba in 2015 on the occasion of the Italian Culture Week in the world by the Italian Embassy in Havana and which includes the revisitation of Italian music: classical, pop and soundtracks. Last January on tour also in Mexico, Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018.


07 Mar 2018
Made in Italy concert Marco Lo Russo Rouge

Made in Italy concert at anniversary UPTEL University

On 23 February 2018, at the Theater Moderno in Latina, Italy, took place the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of UPTEL, popular university for all ages. Marco Lo Russo, just coming back from his Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018, invited as a special guest, had the pleasure of proposing the musical project Made in Italy concert show also on this occasion with Marco Lo Russo on the accordion, Giulio Vinci on piano and keyboards and Maria Francesca Bartolomucci voice. (more…)

23 Feb 2018
Marco Lo Russo Made in Italy concerts

Made in Italy concert for UPTEL University Theater Moderno, Latina, Italy

After the recent Made in Italy tour concert Mexico 2018, the musical artistic project by Italian accordionist, composer and producer Marco Lo Russo Rouge will be protagonist for the twentieth anniversary of UPTEL, Popular University for all ages. Friday 23 February 2018 at 8.15 pm at the Theater Moderno of Latina, Italy.
Marco Lo Russo Rouge, on the accordion, will be accompanied by the pianist and keyboard player Giulio Vinci and the voice of Maria Francesca Bartolomucci.

Videos of the Made in Italy tour concerts show with the accordion in the art of the seven Italian notes made around the world.

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