02 Nov 2020

Fire of creativity

The period is not the best and considering the fact that the culture and entertainment sector was already suffering from its own, for the artists the difficulties are always greater.


07 Oct 2020

Media Hotel Radio October 2020 – Hospitality music Marco Lo Russo

The internationally renowned concert player and artist Marco Lo Russo alias ROUGE talks about his musical path […] (more…)

07 Oct 2020

Interview on Media Hotel Radio

Interview with Marco Lo Russo, conducted by Silvia Elisabetta Cangelosi, Wednesday 7 October 12.0016.0019.0023.00 and in rerun on Saturday 10 October and Sunday 11 October in the hospitality music broadcast by Media Hotel Radio (more…)

14 Mar 2020
Marco Lo Russo

Free music

We have included on official soundcloud by Marco Lo Russo some audio tracks that can be listened to for free. Everything will be OK. Musical hugs with 100 songs! (more…)

08 Dec 2019

Interview on Rai Isoradio Notte sicura

Marco Lo Russo at Isoradio’s RAI microphones in the program Notte Sicura with the conduction by Ida Guglielmotti. Interview and will be listening to some of the recent musical productions made by his label and recording studio Rouge Sound Production, including the revisitation of the famous piece by Lucio Dalla Caruso and the Ave Maria dedicated to Pope Francis. Listen onair! (more…)

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