22 Mar 2018

TG regional RAI TV March 2018 – accordionist composer Marco Lo Russo

[…] on stage the accordionist and composer Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge with a journey that starts from jazz to reach the tango and the soundtracks for cinema, soap opera and film […] (more…)

14 Apr 2017
17 Jul 2015
Marco Lo Russo e Massimo Zagonari

Masterclass in arrangement, improvisation and transcription for ensembles and soloists, Sala Consilina, Salerno, Italy

Among the master classes of Music Academy of Vallo of Diano, a original masterclass for soloist and ensembles of accordion, wind and percussion on the practical application of the language written and improvised music: arrangement, techniques of improvisation and transcription in the contexts theatrical, television and film held by Marco Lo Russo in collaboration with Massimo Zagonari ( artistic director of the television’s program Maurizio Costanzo Show).

In the picture, by Luca Fiaccavento, Marco Lo Russo and Massimo Zagonari in live concert at the Embassy of Romania in Rome.

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06 Mar 2015

RAI Italia, Community from studio 1, Rome, Italy

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge guest in the program Rai Italy in World Vision on RAI Community with  Alessio Aversa and dedicated to all Italians abroad (RAI WORLD).

The broadcast will vary depending on the time zones:

Rai Italia 1 (Americhe)



Rai Italia 2 (Australia – Asia)


SYDNEY 5.45 pm

Rai Italia 3 (Africa)


More info click here!

[youtube id=”TZILNMHzqVs” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

RAI ITALIA Community

09 Jan 2015
Marco Lo Russo a New York ph by Lada Vakker

Press conference at Teatro di Documenti, Rome

Press Conference at the Teatro di Documenti, Rome for the presentation of the show Modern Accordion

stage 10 to 12 January 2015: Marco Lo Russo meets the press.

photo by Lada Vakker

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