06 Mar 2015

RAI Italia, Community from studio 1, Rome, Italy

Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge guest in the program Rai Italy in World Vision on RAI Community with  Alessio Aversa and dedicated to all Italians abroad (RAI WORLD).

The broadcast will vary depending on the time zones:

Rai Italia 1 (Americhe)



Rai Italia 2 (Australia – Asia)


SYDNEY 5.45 pm

Rai Italia 3 (Africa)


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RAI ITALIA Community

12 Jan 2015
Marco Lo Russo Modern Accordion

Teatro di Documenti, Rome, Italy

Marco Lo Russo in Modern Accordion 

Directed: Marzia G. Lea Pacella

Choreography: Francesco Milana

Dancers: Manuela Costantini, Marcello Letizia and Valerio Polverari

Music: Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge and AA. VV.

Organization by Ostinate e Contrarie

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A picturesque setting of the Theatre of Documents, complete synthesis of the idea of theater Damiano Damiani, brilliant designer, costume designer, architect, but also a director. A bright space, a labyrinth of rooms, stairs, mirrors, a theater-temple that breaks down that barrier actor-spectator. A special space chosen for Marco Lo Russo, artist representative from the guidelines more advanced and updated musical culture of our time. Accordionist, composer, arranger, musicologist, producer, conductor, and teacher at the conservatory Italian is at the center of the show Modern Accordion exploding in colors, sounds, bodies in a story that explores the human emotions. According to the theories on the use of the color of Kandinsky every nuance has an inner sound, a property. The gradations are possible theoretically infinite, as well as the nuances of the human soul, and gradually tell the life and passions.

The bodies of the dancers, led by choreographer Francesco Millana, interpret with soft, incisive and evocative gestures, part of a ritual, a story of cultural transmission. A fusion of languages, in which light, electromagnetic wave that interferes with matter, becomes “actor” important to the story impacting bodies with details, drawings, empty and full, which is enriched with new suggestions. The task of directing, Marzia G. Pacella Lea, is the coordination of these energies, these artistic elements.

Photo by Marcin Brzózka



09 Jan 2015
Marco Lo Russo a New York ph by Lada Vakker

Press conference at Teatro di Documenti, Rome

Press Conference at the Teatro di Documenti, Rome for the presentation of the show Modern Accordion

stage 10 to 12 January 2015: Marco Lo Russo meets the press.

photo by Lada Vakker

22 Nov 2014

Radio Enea 96.2 and www.radioenea.it

Marco on Radio Enea 96.2 and www.radioenea.it

photo by Mimmo Paparo

24 Sep 2014

International Festival Leo Brouwer, La Havana, Cuba

Marco Lo Russo again in Cuba to participate as a soloist at the VI International Festival of Chamber Music Leo Brouwer in Havana, Cubaphoto by Gabriel Guerra Bianchini

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