06 Jun 2021

Vado e vengo soundtrack online

From the film Vado e Vengo, directed by Fabrizio Nardocci on a subject by Maurizio Ponzi, an excerpt of the tracks of the soundtrack composed by Marco Lo Russo and produced by Rouge Sound Production for Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS is now available online.

27 Feb 2021

Di-Versi Azobé association

We are very happy to support, like Marco Lo Russo Music Center APS association, with the music of our president Marco Lo Russo, the Di-Versi project by Azobé Onlus association. (more…)

07 Oct 2020


Intense period of musical productions for the Marco Lo Russo Music Center Association. Two soundtracks are being worked on in the Rouge Sound Production studio. An Italian film production for RAI, Vado e Vengo, and a film, La Machetera, inspired by the 1975 law on women’s emancipation and against violence against women, based on the story of the (more…)

14 Apr 2020
La Dolce Vita Federico Fellini

Tribute to Federico Fellini

In homage to the centenary of the birth of the Italian director Federico Fellini, we published with our label Rouge Sound Production the musical production of the single, for solo accordion played by Marco Lo Russo, La Dolce Vita. (more…)

13 Oct 2019

Linguistic variations Made in Italy

Marco Lo Russo with his Made in Italy concert comes back on the scene, for the Lazio Region project, realized by ATCL, in collaboration with LazioCrea, Small municipalities meet culture, to re-evaluate communities below 5000 (more…)

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