World Music

20 Sep 2006

Double Bassist number 38 Autumn 2006 – Tarabuk

[…] The writing is in a modern style and melodic jazz, with touches of improvisation. The execution is fluid […] very beautiful and striking […] (more…)

02 Sep 2006

All About Jazz Aug 2006 – Tarabuk

[…] music with no category because it is improvised on eclectic rhythms  […] Marco Lo Russo has great mastery of the instrument […] Throughout the album he explores many possibilities to exploit the accordion’s potential […] a CD with a certain depth […] a CD with its own originality and especially enhanced by the clarity and depth of sound. (more…)

05 Jun 2006

Musikbox Jun Jul 2006 – Jazz sound Tarabuk

[…] Marco Lo Russo fills the melodies with color and movement, it seems that he wants to put into music the smell of a gypsy party, or the Mediterranean flavor of the wind and the sun or the melancholy of Eastern Europe. He goes into every possible sound path without ever losing sight of the dialogue, the story’s dimension. (more…)

02 May 2006
Accordions Worldwide

Accordion Worldwide mag 2006 – Tarabuk

[…] Marco Lo Russo esprime la gioia di comunicare senza influenzare il mistero. […] Le melodie, calde e di ampio respiro, sembrano venire da lontano, sostenute da un impulso che è ancora vivo. La fisarmonica danza […] espressività solare, ha qualcosa di rituale, di sospeso nel tempo […] Marco Lo Russo ha celebrato, con questo CD, la bellezza e la continuità della vita  (more…)

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