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15 Jun 2016
Rouge Sound Production Studio by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge

Made in Italy Cuba Africa continues the research grooves and sounds edm

While the new concept of Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge flew to Cuba last November 2015 for the Week of Italian Culture in Havana and later in Africa in Libreville in June 2016 continue the research work on the sounds and the groove for the new arrangements. (more…)

05 May 2016
Marco Lo Russo and Giulio Vinci Homage to Leo Brouwer accordionist jazz world music tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Homage to Leo Brouwer jazz world music accordionist Caribbean tour 2016 Havana Cuba

Always continue the study and research activities. Among the various concerts and performances involving the accordionist and composer arranger Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge in the recent Cuban tour april 2016, this time focusing on improvised musical language, world fusion music and jazz, It was performed the world premiere absolute, in homage to the composer, guitarist, conductor Leo Brouwer with the (more…)

28 Feb 2016
Marco Lo Russo photo by Giorgio Tognetti

Theater Verdi, Pisa, Italy

Silences of War with Renato Raimo and the special participation of Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge at Theater Verdi of Pisa. Music reworked and arranged by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge.

photo by Giorgio Tognetti.

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Silenzi di Guerra Pisa Renato Raimo Marco Lo Russo

28 Sep 2015

Made in Italy project at the age-old Fiera di San Michele, Sermoneta, Latina, Italy

The project Made in Italy by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge feat Francesca Bartolomucci wants to tell, in concert halls and unusual places, Italian music in all its nuances. An exciting journey through the change language musical repertoires of several Italian art of the seven notes (from the song writing, to classical music to the soundtracks) from north to south. The songs are revisited, revised and transcribed for accordion and voice in a dialogue frizzate but intimate at the same time where the soft, warm, velvety voice of Francesca Bartolucci (former collaborator of Riccardo Cocciante and backed by extensive experience in the national scene with a passion for the Musical) talks with his accordion solo by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge who kidnapped the international scenario of highly prestigious public and professionals thanks to its innovative and contemporary approach.
Entire repertoire is topped by a common matrix of world music and jazz that is the basis of performances for solo accordion enriched and revised by the humus of sound that Marco Lo Russo inevitably leads itself, and that distinguishes it as performer and composer excelled internationally.

ph. by Mimmo Paparo

29 Aug 2015

RAMYBĖS Cultural Center, Palanga, Lithuania

Live concert by Sensual duo Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge and Aurelija Matuleviciute at RAMYBĖS Cultural Center, Palanga, Lithuania

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