Violin and accordion, Ichnos duo

PRESS RELEASE. Marco Lo Russo live concert with the violinist Guido Felizzi. Marco Lo Russo returns to the scene with the music project in duo Ichnos, from ancient Greek, refers to the footprint and therefore to the tangible sign of the human passage. The violin and the accordion  make themselves ideal tools for an emotional transfer. The concert, with Marco Lo Russo on accordion and Guido Felizzi on violin, will be held on Sunday 16 February 2020 at 7.15 pm in the former refectory of the Convent of city Bagnolo in Piano in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The Ichnos duo will close the season concerts “music aperitifs” curated by the San Francesco da Paola Choral Association of Bagnolo in Piano (RE). Born in 2003, the association is promoter of various cultural activities of the Reggio Emilia municipality; in addition to a music school, with about two hundred students, during the year the association organizes and promotes various cultural events for the promotion of the territory, such as the Music Aperitifs, which have the characteristic of bringing artists closer to the public, offering at the end of the concert a convivial moment in which the public can converse with the artists who performed.

The program of the concert on Sunday February 16, includes pieces from the two albums Ichnos and Dances from the world: a path of musical compositions ranging from world music, to jazz influences, soundtracks, reinterpretations of classic music and original songs by Marco Lo Russo and Guido Felizzi. The Dances from the world album received the Orpheus Music Award nomination in 2011. In addition to the consolidated concert activity, the duo Ichnos has numerous performances on italian TV like RAI and TV2000, as well as several interviews on numerous television and radio networks.

The peculiar feature of this music project, born in 2000, is the integration of different musical personalities: the classical one of the violinist and conductor Guido Felizzi and the more jazzy one devoted to the sound experimentation of the accordionist composer and arranger Marco Lo Russo. These characteristics make Ichnos an extremely versatile  formation, both in the arrangements of the repertoire compositions and in their original scores, releasing instruments such as the violin and the accordion, from those stereotypes that see them relegated to two distinct and incompatible musical worlds.

Concert with free admission curated by San Francesco da Paola Choral Association.

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