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PRESS RELEASE. It is a difficult time for the world of art. In the collective imagination, being an artist means doing a second job, but we don’t do the artists, we are artists. We don’t compose music, we are the music! I would like people to understand what it means for us not to be able to meet the public, hug our fans, perform live. The Covid pandemic has made our instruments silent, closed in a box like all of us. The pain we feel is dignified and silent, but we have the hope that everything will end soon, because we know how to dream and make people dream.
These are the words by Marco Lo Russo to give a voice to thousands of artists who live in the shadows and in serious economic difficulties. Internationally renowned concerts artist, performer and composer, but also professor of Jazz Orchestration, Arrangement and Directing Jazz Ensembles at the Domenico Cimarosa Conservatory in Avellino.
Marco Lo Russo has made the accordion the undisputed protagonist of his Made in Italy musical art, clearing it from the popular instrument of the collective imagination, shaping it with versatility to create unique compositions for each soundtrack or show he directed.
Composer, arranger, conductor, musicologist, producer of Rouge Sound Production (label and recording studio), he is considered among the most representative contemporary Italian musicians of the new generation. Listed in the Italian Cinema Yearbook for his soundtracks for TV, cinema, theater, he has received numerous awards, reviews from international critics and illustrious appreciations, from internationally renowned artists such as Ennio Morricone, Pupi Avati, Piera Degli Esposti, Giorgio Albertazzi, but also by Leo Brouwer and Nicola Piovani (Oscar winner for the film Life is beautiful by and with Roberto Benigni) with whom he had collaboration. In addition to RAI, SKY, MEDIASET, TV2000, he had the honor of performing in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The pandemic has not stopped the creativity and artistic activity by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge, who in recent months has made two soundtracks and is working on a project, still top secret, to enhance the beauty of the Lazio region in Italy.
The musical productions concern two films, one in collaboration with RAI Cinema, entitled Vado e Vengo, directed by Fabrizio Nardocci. A slice of Italian life that tells the story of a young man looking for his father from the province to the big city. A film that invites you to reflect on the value of family and human relationships in a now liquid society.
The other film for which Marco Lo Russo composed the soundtrack is called La Machetera. Inspired by the 1975 law on the emancipation of women and against violence against women, it is based on the novel of the same name written by Esnedy Milan Herrera, writer, actress and former Cuban model, with whom Marco Lo Russo has shared several artistic projects and with Marco Lo Russo had collaborated on the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. La Machetera, already selected in numerous international film festivals, was shot entirely in Cuba, where Marco Lo Russo, is at home and where he has represented Italy on several occasions as a cultural ambassador like accordionist, performer and composer.

Lazio TV News december 13 2020

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